Children's podiatrist, Geelong

Leo Veanes at Podiatry on Pako offers a specialist children’s podiatry service in Geelong. We treat many common paediatric issues, including knock knees and bow legs, and can offer advice and recommendations for a wide range of complaints.

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Sever’s disease

Heel pain in children between 7 and 13 is quite common. Pain usually occurs in the heel bone through the growth plate. It is rarely necessary to have any testing or X-rays done.

Assessing your child’s foot mechanics is important, as it allows a podiatrist to offer relief for the symptoms. The problem can remain for quite a few months to years, so reducing the pain can play a big part in managing the condition. Children eventually grow out of Sever’s disease, but your Geelong podiatrist can help in the meantime.

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Flat feet

Flat feet can be quite common in infants, as the fat pad can hide the developing arch. However, most children should develop an arch after a few years and the ankle alignment should also begin to straighten. It is always worthwhile to have a consultation to asses your child’s foot development to make sure the progress is normal.

Growing pains

Growing pains are quite common in up to 30 per cent of children. Often the bones and muscles grow at different speeds, causing fatigue and stress. If growing pains persist, it is wise to have a biomechanical assessment of your child’s legs done to eliminate any problems and receive advice to ease the complaint.