Podiatry services, Geelong

With more than three decades’ experience as one of Geelong’s leading podiatrists, Leo Veanes is at the forefront of podiatry assessments and treatment. If you’re experiencing pain, don’t wait until it becomes overwhelming, come to Podiatry on Pako for friendly and reliable podiatry services.

We cater to all ages, from aged care to paediatric podiatry, and cover all foot pain and leg care. We believe the first step in any treatment is a thorough biomechanical assessment, looking at gait and any misalignment. We can the prescribe an effective treatment, not only for pain relief, but to counteract the cause, including:

Please contact our Geelong podiatrists to find out more about our wide range of specialist podiatry services.

Biomechanical Assessments

Leo Veanes is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Sports Medicine and past consultant to the Geelong Football Club for more than 15 years, specialising in gait analysis and biomechanical assessments. Biomechanics is the study of human movement, and a biomechanical assessment looks at hips, knees, ankles and foot alignment. The aim of the...

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Children’s Podiatry

Leo Veanes at Podiatry on Pako offers a specialist children’s podiatry service in Geelong. We treat many common paediatric issues, including knock knees and bow legs, and can offer advice and recommendations for a wide range of complaints. Please contact our paediatric podiatrist for more information. Heel pain in children between 7 and 13 is...

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Custom Orthotics

Podiatry on Pako’s Leo Veanes makes custom orthotics in Geelong and is one of only a handful of podiatrists in Australia who still custom-make orthotics without using a third party. This unique service means the patient can be more involved in the process and contribute to adjustments to their custom orthotic inserts. Our Geelong custom orthotics are...

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General Podiatry

At Podiatry on Pako, we provide professional general foot and leg care to all ages. Leo Veanes has more than 30 years’ experience as a leading podiatrist in Geelong, developing a friendly clinic catering for a huge range of therapies and treatments. No matter your age or complaint, at Podiatry on Pako we have the...

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Shockwave Therapy

Podiatry on Pako is proud to offer the latest technology in radial shockwave therapy for chronic heel pain and other tendinopathies with high success rates of 80 per cent, with EMS Swiss dolorcast technology available now in our Geelong podiatry clinic for all patients. Discomfort, aches and pains – not being able to enjoy life to...

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Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment

Don’t let toenail fungus stop you from living your life the way you want to – come to the experts at Podiatry on Pako for pain-free toenail fungus laser treatment in Geelong. Fungal nail disease, medically referred to as onychomycosis, affects 2 per cent to 14 per cent of the adult population. Fungi that feed on keratin, a structural...

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