Tinea treatment in Geelong

Don’t let a fungal infection stop you from living your life. At Podiatry on Pako, our leading Geelong podiatrist, Leo Veanes, has more than three decades’ experience advising clients about effective tinea treatments.

What is tinea?

Tinea is a fungal infection which grows on the skin and nails, also known as athlete’s foot, jock itch, or ring worm. Often the area is red, itchy and very persistent. Tinea can be found on both the skin and nails.

Causes of tinea

Tinea is often found in warm, dark and moist places. It can be contracted via contact in public areas such as change rooms, showers or where barefoot contact can be made.

Tinea treatments

Diagnosing the problem is important to avoid wasting time and money on unnecessary treatments. The first step is removing the preferred breeding environment for the infection, including:

  • Washing feet and drying thoroughly
  • Varying use of shoes
  • Letting shoes dry and air out between use, even allowing shoes for different days
  • Using clean, fresh socks daily or more frequently to help keep feet dry and fresh
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Please contact our Geelong podiatrists to book an appointment. We can prescribe treatment with antifungal powders, creams, tincture and even tablets if required. We can also request a pathology test to clarify the exact condition and advise on appropriate treatment.

Podiatry on Pako also regularly helps clients with plantar warts, bunions and toenail fungus treatment.