Podiatry treatment for leg length discrepancy

Leg length discrepancy is a mechanical instability that can lead to a number of other alignment issues throughout the lower limbs and back. Podiatry on Pako offers professional and effective leg length discrepancy treatment in Geelong.

What is leg length discrepancy?

Uneven leg length can be measured a variety of ways. X-ray can be used to accurately measure the combined length of the tibia and femur if required. Leg length discrepancy can cause many unexplained pains in the feet, legs, hips and back.


Uneven leg lengths can be genetic or post-traumatic, e.g. fractured bones or even after surgery to the leg or hip.

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Leg length discrepancy treatment

After determining the type of leg length discrepancy, compensating for the problem can be made by various means. These include:

Controlling uneven leg length helps to resolve other related complaints and realignment of poor mechanics allows for improved function and less stress through the lower body.

Please contact our Geelong podiatrist to find out more about reducing pain associated with leg length disrepancy – from foot pain to back pain.