Geelong podiatrist for knee pain

The most common knee pain we see at Podiatry on Pako is patella femoral syndrome, sometimes referred to as runner’s knee. For more information about our runner’s knee treatment, please contact our Geelong podiatry clinic.

What is patella femoral syndrome?

Knee pain that is in the anterior, or front, and sides of the knee and also behind the patella, is commonly seen in people of all ages. Grinding of the patella against the femur can result in a crunching sensation.

Causes of runner’s knee

Incorrect muscle imbalance causes incorrect tracking of the patella in the femoral groove. Factors that contribute to this imbalance include:

  • Muscle weakness, especially the vastus medialus muscle (VMO)
  • Pronated or flat feet allowing excessive internal rotation of the leg and promoting incorrect function of the knee and patella tracking
  • Footwear
  • Running style, including frequency, distance and intensity
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Knee pain treatment

Immediate treatment with rest and ice is helpful. For a long-term solution, it’s important to remove or help common causes and increase foot function using footwear, insoles and other aids. Vary training to lessen stress and impact on your knees.

Our Geelong podiatrist concentrates on the cause via foot function, looking at biomechanics, footwear and custom orthotics. Without addressing the cause, treating symptoms may only be temporary. We can also assist with referral to a physiotherapist for a muscle rehab program or direct treatment.