Heel spur treatment in Geelong

Heel spurs are most commonly associated with plantar fasciitis. The latter condition occurs when the ligament running along the sole of the feet begins to tug and irritate the bone. As new bone is laid down, a heel spur is developed. Leo Veanes, lead podiatrist in Geelong at Podiatry on Pako, is experienced in assessing heel pain to determine the cause and deliver the most effective treatment.

What causes the heel pain?

With heel pain associated with a heel spur, it is often seen that there may be a bursa, build-up of fluid and bone bruising, which can cause pain. Heel pain can vary depending on the severity of the problem, ranging from:

  • Pain in the arch of the feet and through to the heel and sole
  • Intense pain first thing in the morning, or after long periods of inactivity
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Heel spur treatment

It’s important to treat the plantar fasciitis, as this is the cause of the foot spurs. There are a number of treatments for heel spurs our Geelong podiatrist will discuss with you, including:

  • Ice and other general pain relief techniques
  • Effective strapping and foot support, including advice on the best footwear to ease pain
  • Reducing physical activity and prescribing stretches or exercise to improve foot function
  • Radial shockwave therapy for immediate pain relief and improved circulation to stimulate faster repair
  • Insoles, heel lifts and other custom orthotics, designed to realign the foot and reduce stress on the plantar fascia. We are one of the few clinics offering this service entirely in-house.

If traditional methods are ineffective, we can also advise on cortisone injections or options for surgery as a last resort.

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