Treatment for foot pain in Geelong

At Podiatry on Pako, we understand how foot pain can cramp your lifestyle. We provide treatments for a huge range of foot problems at our Geelong clinic, including metatarsalgia, neuroma and sesamoiditis.

What is foot pain?

Metatarsalgia is a general term which includes all forefoot pain.

Sesamoiditis refers to the pain felt when the two small, round bones under the big toe joint are displaced or deformed. Inflammation and pain can be very persistent until treated.

Morton’s neuroma affects the small nerve lying between the bones of the forefoot. The nerve may be inflamed, irritated, or swollen. Pain, tingling and numbness can be felt in the toes.


Displaced and even cracked sesamoid bones are painful. As the foot becomes more mature there is decreased fibro fatty padding overlying these bones which exaggerates the problem.

Neuroma develops through irritation of the nerve. Poor foot and toe alignment and forefoot stress, often caused by ill-fitting shoes or activities causing repetitive strain, leads to inflammation and pain.

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Sesamoiditis, Morton’s neuroma and metatarsalgia treatment

As part of metatarsalgia treatment, a biomechanical assessment of pressure distribution is done to measure the loading in this area. X-rays may also be needed to actually see the position of the sesamoid bones, including if they are cracked or displaced.

A podiatrist will offload pressure with simple deflection accommodative insoles or custom orthotics. Advice regarding footwear is also important, as further degeneration can occur within the joint if not treated.

Neuroma treatments may involve simple padding to remove pressure from the nerve. Insoles or orthotic devices may be required to remove pressure if the problem persists.

Injections of steroids may help to directly ease the pain and inflammation of the nerve, often used in conjunction with shoe inserts.

If conservative neuroma treatment is not satisfactory, surgical removal is an option. Please contact our Geelong podiatrists for more information.