Podiatry treatment for flat feet and pronation in Geelong

Pronation, or flat feet, can occur at all ages from young children to the elderly. The condition does not naturally improve, as we are standing on our feet placing pressure on them. Pronation is when the ankles roll inward, making them unstable. This poor alignment leads to foot, ankle, shin, knee and even back pain. Pronation can be seen on feet with any arch style, from flat to normal or even higher arches. Fallen arches occur when the medial part of the foot is close or on the ground. Correct diagnosis is important to get the appropriate advice and help, as both pronation and flat feet can be helped by Leo Veanes at Podiatry on Pako.

What causes pronation?

Pronation is often genetic and therefore unavoidable. Footwear does not cause the problem, however correct footwear and custom orthotics for flat feet help manage resulting pain.

Treatment for fallen arches and pronation

Using photography and computer analysis, a clear measurement and diagnosis can be made of the foot fault. Range of joint movement and flexibility is all part of a biomechanical assessment to determine the optimum form of treatment. Controlling abnormal pronation often resolves other leg problems, like ankle pain and knee pain.

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A variety of treatment options can be provided, including:

  • Exercise
  • Footwear advice
  • Wedging
  • Orthotic devices

Please contact our Geelong podiatrist to find out how we can help treat your flat feet, pronation or pain caused by a huge range of other podiatry problems.