Podiatrist treatment for back pain, Geelong

Back pain can be debilitating and stop you from living a healthy, active life. What many people might not realise is that back pain is often a consequence of misalignment in your legs and feet. Podiatry on Pako provides assessment and effective back pain treatment in Geelong.

What is back pain?

Often as podiatrists we see unexplained back and hip pain with no answers. Lower leg alignment, foot posture and leg length discrepancy can be an external source of this pain.

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What causes back pain?

Some back pain is a result of uneven gait and leg alignment. This can cause stress through the pelvic and back regions. Tight muscle groups can also effect posture and therefore present as back pain. The best way to assess the cause of back pain is to undergo a biomechanical assessment. This will identify what issues in your feet and lower limbs are leading to misalignment.

Back pain treatment

If appropriate, orthotic devices can help to re-align poor foot posture and leg alignment which can alter the way your lower back functions. Leading Geelong podiatrist Leo Veanes creates custom orthotics directly at his Podiatry on Pako clinic. In conjunction with consulting a physiotherapist, chiropractor or osteopath, this can often give the optimum result.

Please contact us for more information on back pain treatments in Geelong. We also specialise in shockwave therapy for plantar fasciitis.