Geelong’s Podiatry on Pako offers modern and reliable podiatry, at the forefront of technology. Led by experienced Geelong based podiatrist, Leo Veanes, we specialise in leg and foot care for clients of all ages, including children’s podiatry.

Our effective pain treatment is based on identifying and correcting the cause, or source, of the pain. We undertake biomechanical assessments, using computer gait scanning technology to monitor lower limb and foot function. We provide a consultation and written report for clients, including recommendations for treatment.

We’re proud to be a leading Geelong podiatry service, delivering friendly treatments and the latest technology. Our clinic is one of only a handful in the country with the ability to produce custom orthotics in-house, from start to finish. Where many other podiatrists will send moulds to a third party, Leo completes the orthotics in his clinic, meaning our clients have a larger input in the process, and can request adjustments if necessary.

Orthotics are one of the most requested podiatry services for our clients, helping to both ease pain and relieve the stresses on the lower limbs that lead to pain. We create a huge range of insoles, heel lifts and other orthotic devices to help with a variety of podiatry problems, including:

In cases of extreme and long-term pain, particularly with plantar fasciitis, we are pleased to offer radial shockwave therapy. This technique stimulates circulation and increases healing, while also having an instantaneous analgesic effect.

Other unique therapies offered at Podiatry on Pako include toenail fungus laser treatment, which clears nails of fungal infections without causing any damage. It’s a painless and effective alternative to topical paints or tablets for many of our clients.

Please contact our Geelong Podiatrists for more information, or to book an assessment.